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May 20, 5017 U
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Persian-English; English-Persian

by Chťrie Phillips, NovaStoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher

 Copyright © 2004 by Cherie Phillips.
All Rights Reserved.  UCC Universal Copyright Convention.






il‚t     tribes <plural of "il">
iman      safe; secure
im‚n     belief; faith
im‚n     faith; belief
in     s/he; it; these; this
in     these; this; s/he; it
in     this; these; he; she; it
in chi-e     What is this?
in dust-am dust-am   friend (my)
in hafte     week:  this week
in ki-e     Who is this?
in m‚h     month:  this month
in m‚shin chetor-e     How is this car?
in pesar     boy (this)
in yeki     this one
in‚ inh‚   they; them; these people or things <colloquial>
inatimiy     anatomy
inh‚ in‚   they, these people
inj‚     here
injur intowr   this kind of; this way
inqadr      so much
into     this way
intowr injur; intori; injuri   this kind of; this way
intowr injur; intori; injuri   this way; this kind of
ir‚d      criticism; objection
ir‚d     objection; criticism
ir‚d gereftan     criticize (to)
ir‚n-shen‚s     Iranist
ir‚n-shen‚s-i     Iranian studies; Iranology
irland     Ireland
ishun     he; she; they <formal>
isl‚m      Islam <lit: submission (to the will of God)>
ist     stand (to); to stop <vi> <stem of ist‚dan>
ist     stop (to); to stand <vi> <stem of ist‚dan>
ist‚dan v‚yst‚dan; v‚yst‚d; v‚yst; ist‚d; ist‚dist   halt (to); to stand; to stop <vi> <infinitive>
ist‚dan v‚yst‚dan; v‚yst‚d; v‚yst; ist‚d; ist‚dist   stand (to); to halt; to stop <vi> <infinitive>
ist‚dan v‚yst‚dan; v‚yst‚d; v‚yst; ist‚d; ist‚dist   stop (to); to halt; to stand <vi> <infinitive>
ist‚de v‚yst‚de   standing
ist‚diyo     studio
istg‚h     station; stop
istg‚h     stop; station
istg‚h-e ‚tubus     bus stop
istg‚h-e ghat‚r     train station
istg‚h-e r‚h ‚han     railway station
istg‚h-e t‚ksi     taxi stand
istg‚h-e zir zamini      subway station
istg‚h-e-otobus     bus stop
iy‚l‚t-e mottahed-e ‚mrik‚     United States of America
j‚     place; room; space; seat
j‚     room; place; space; seat
j‚     seat; room; place; space
j‚     space; room; place; seat
j‚ mundan     left:  to be left <behind/over>
ja'be     box; carton
ja'be     carton; box
ja'be ye komakh‚ ye av-valiyye     first aid
jabv‚b mi-d-in     answer:  you give an answer
j‚dd-e (e asli)     road <main>
jadid     new; modern
jadval-e emtiy‚z‚t     scoreboard
jadval-e zam‚ni     timetable
jah     jump (to); to leap <stem of jahidan>
jah     leap (to); to jump <stem of jahidan>
jah‚ngard     tourist
jahidan      jump (to); to leap <infinitive>
jahidan     leap (to); to jump <infinitive>
j‚i     anywhere; nowhere; somewhere
j‚i     nowhere; somewhere; anywhere
j‚i     somewhere; anywhere; nowhere
jak      jack <for car>
j‚leb     interesting
jam kardan     collect <transitive>; to gather together
jam kardan     gather:  to gather together; collect <transitive>
jam shodan      gather:  to be gathered; assemble <intransitive>
jambe      character; quality
jambe     quality; character
j‚m-e jah‚ni      World Cup
j‚m-e varzeshi     league
jameí     plural
j‚meíe anjoman   society
j‚meíe-shen‚s     sociologist
j‚meíe-shen‚s-i     sociology
j‚med     solid
jamiat     population
j‚n jun   dear; soul; life; pardon me
j‚n jun   life; dear; soul; pardon me
j‚n jun   pardon me; dear; soul; life
j‚n jun   soul; life; dear; pardon me
jang     combat (to); war; to fight <stem of jangidan>
jang     fight (to); war; to combat <stem of jangidan>
jang      war; fight (to); to combat <stem of jangidan>
jang kardan     fight (to)
jangal     forest
jangal zod‚yi     deforestation
jangal-e moh‚ fezat shode      forest:  protected forest
jangidan     combat (to); to fight <infinitive>
jangidan     fight (to); to combat <infinitive>
jaray‚n      stream
jarime      fine (a)
jashn     festival; celebration
jashn gereftan     celebrate (to)
jashn gereftan      celebrate (to)
jashnv‚re     festival
jav     chew (to); to crunch <stem of javidan>
jav     crunch (to); to chew <stem of javidan>
jav‚b      answer; reply
jav‚b     reply; answer
jav‚b be-d-am      answer:  Should I answer?
jav‚b bedid     answer!
jav‚b d‚d      answered (past stem)
jav‚b d‚dan     answer (to); answering
jav‚b d‚dan      answering; to answer
jav‚b mi-d-am     answer (I)
jav‚b mi-d-e     answer:  s/he answers; s/he gives an answer; s/he will answer
jav‚b mi-d-e      answer:  s/he gives an answer; s/he will answer; s/he answers
jav‚b mi-d-e     answer:  s/he will answer; s/he gives an answer; s/he answers
jav‚b ne-mi-d-e     answer:  s/he will not answer
jav‚her‚t jav‚heri   jewelry
jav‚heri jav‚her‚t   jewelry
jav‚n javun   young; a youth
jav‚ni     youth <collective>
jav‚ntar javuntar   younger
jav‚z-e u'bur     pass
javidan     chew (to); to crunch <infinitive>
javidan      crunch (to); to chew <infinitive>
jav-v     atmosphere
j‚z     jazz
jazir-e     island
jedd‚n      really; truly
jedd‚n     truly; really
jeddi      serious
jeh     jump (to); to leap <stem of jestan>
jeh     leap (to); to jump <stem of jestan>
jeh‚d      Holy War
jelo     ahead; in front of; forward
jelo     forward; in front of; ahead
jelo     front:  in front of; forward; ahead
jelo-e jelo-ye   front:  in front of
jelogiri az b‚rd‚ri     contraception
jelogiri kardan      prevent (to)
jen‚h-e chap     left-wing
jen‚h-e r‚st     right-wing
jens ger‚yi     sexism
jensiyyat     sex
jestan     jump (to); to leap <infinitive>
jestan      leap (to); to jump <infinitive>
jib     pocket
jin     jeans
jip     jeep
jirjirak     cricket <insect>
jod‚ jod‚-jod‚   separate; separately
jod‚ jod‚-jod‚   separately; separate
jod‚ be-nevis-id      write to them; separately
jod‚ kard kon   separate (to)
jod‚ kardan     separate (to)
joft dastkesh   pair <of gloves>
jok     joke
joma'e     congregation
jom'e ruz-e jom'e   Friday
jomhuri     republic
jomle jomal‚t   sentence
jonb     move (to); to shake <vi> <stem of jonb‚ndan>
jonb      shake (to) <vi>; to move <stem of jonb‚ndan>
jonb‚n     move (to); to shake <vt> <stem of jonb‚ndan>
jonb‚n     shake (to) <vt>; to move <stem of jonb‚ndan>
jonb‚ndan      move (to); to shake <vt> <infinitive>
jonb‚ndan     shake (to) <vt>; to move <infinitive>
jonbindan     move (to); to shake <vi> <infinitive>
jonbindan      shake (to) <vi>; to move <infinitive>
jonub junub   south
joqr‚fi joqr‚fi‚   geography
joqr‚fi d‚n     geographer
joqr‚fi‚ joqr‚fi   geography
jostan     look:  to look for; to search <infinitive>
jostan     search (to); to look for <infinitive>
josteju kardan     look:  to look for
jowhar johar   ink
joz'iyy‚t     detail
ju     look:  to look for; to search <stem of jostan>
ju     search (to); to look for <stem of jostan>
juje     chicken
juje khurus       cockerel
junub jonub   south
jur‚b     socks; stockings
jur‚b     stockings; socks
jur‚b-e boland     stockings
jush      rash (a)
k‚íb‚     square stone building with a meteorite at Mecca
kab‚bi     kebab shop
k‚b‚re     cabaret
k‚do      gift, souvenir
k‚do     souvenir; gift
k‚do furushi     souvenir shop
k‚f     k <alphabet>
k‚farm‚      employer
kaf-e zamin      floor
k‚feteri‚     cafeteria
k‚fi     enough
k‚fi-ye     Enough!
kafsh     shoes
kafsh furushi      shoe shop
k‚ghaz     paper
k‚ghaz-e sigar     cigarette papers
k‚ghaz-e tuv‚let     toilet paper
k‚h      diminish (to); to lessen <stem of k‚stan>
k‚h     lessen (to); to diminish <stem of k‚stan>
kak      flea
kal‚j     clutch <car>
kalame     word
k‚lej     college
kaleme kalem‚t   word; words
kalle shagh      stubborn
kam kíam; kyam   few; less; little; seldom
kam kíam; kyam   less; few; little; seldom
kam kíam; kyam   little; seldom; less; few
kam kíam; kyam   seldom; little; less; few
kam kam     degrees:  by degrees; slowly
kam kam     slowly; by degrees
kam kardan     reduce; diminish; turn down <radio, etc.>
kam khuni ‚nemi   anemia
kam mi-kon-am     less; reduce; turn down <e.g. radio; etc.>
kam‚l     perfection
kamar      waist; lower back
kamarband     seatbelt
kambud     shortage
kami     little:  a little
k‚miyon      truck
kam-o bishtar bish   less and more
kamputer foroshi      computer store
kamy‚b     rare
kan     dig (to); to uproot <stem of kandan>
kan     uproot (to); to dig <stem of kandan>
k‚n‚l      channel
kandan      dig (to); to uproot <infinitive>
kandan     uproot (to); to digt <infinitive>
kanise     synogogue
k‚r     cultivate (to); to sow <stem of k‚shtan>
k‚r      life; work; job; occupation
k‚r     occupation; life; work; job
k‚r      sow (to); to cultivate <stem of k‚shtan>
k‚r kh‚r   work; life; job; occupation
k‚r d‚r-am     busy (I am)
k‚r d‚r-i     busy:  Are you busy?
k‚r d‚sht d‚r   busy (to be); have errands to do; have places to go
k‚r d‚shtan     do:  to have something to do
k‚r kardan      do (to); to work
k‚r kardan     work (to); to do
k‚r mi-kon-am     work (I)
kar mi-kon-e     work (you)
k‚r mi-kon-id     work (you) <pl>
k‚r ne-mi-kon-e      work:  you do not work
k‚r shen‚s     specialist
k‚r-bord     usage; use <n.>; application
kard     did (s/he) <past stem>
kard-am     did (I)
kardan      did <past stem>
kardan      do (to) <infinitive>
kard-and -an   did (they)
kard-i     did (you) <sing.>
kard-id -in   did (you) <pl.>
kard-im     did (we)
kare     butter
k‚r-e ed‚ri      office work
k‚r-e honari     artwork
k‚r-e kh‚n-e     housework
k‚r-e s‚khtem‚ni     construction work
k‚rg‚h      workshop
k‚rgar     factory worker; manual worker
k‚rgar     manual worker; factory worker
k‚rik‚tor     comics
k‚rkh‚ne k‚rkhune   factory
k‚rmand      office worker
k‚rt     card
k‚rt-e a'teb‚ri     credit card
k‚rt-e post‚l     postcard
k‚rt-e sav‚r shodan      boarding pass
k‚rt-e shen‚s‚yi     identification card
k‚rt-e telefon      phonecard
k‚rton     carton
k‚rt-post‚l     post card
k‚rtun      cartoons
kas fard   person
kasb kardan     earn (to)
k‚set     cassette
k‚set-e muzik      music cassette
kashf kardan     discover (to)
k‚shtan     cultivate (to); to sow; to plant <infinitive>
k‚shtan     plant (to); to sow; to cultivate; to plant <infinitive>
k‚shtan     sow (to); to cultivate; to plant <infinitive>
kasi     person (a); someone
kasi kesi   someone; a person; somebody
kasif     dirty
k‚stan      diminish (to); to lessen <infinitive>
k‚stan     lessen (to); to diminish <infinitive>
katban     writing (in)
katbi     written
k‚tolik      Catholic
kavir     desert:  salt desert
ke     that; which <relative conjunction>
ke      which <relative conjunction>; that
ke ki   who
kebrit     matches
kef-pul     wallet
kel‚c kal‚c   clutch of car
kel‚s     class
kel‚s-e f‚rsi     class:  Persian class
kel‚s-e f‚rsi-e emruz     class:  today's Persian class
kelid     key
kelineks     Kleenex
kelis‚ kelisi‚   cathedral; church
kelis‚ kelisi‚   church; cathedral
kelisi‚ kelis‚   church; cathedral
kenar kenare   coast; shore; side
ken‚r     beside
ken‚r goz‚shtan     exclude (to)
ken‚r-e dary‚     seaside
ker‚v‚t     necktie; tie
ker‚v‚t zadan     necktie:  put on a necktie; to wear
ker‚v‚t zadan     wear (to); put on a necktie
ker‚ye kardan     rent (to)
kerem-e narm konand-e     moisturiser
kerm     worm
kesel     out-of-sorts; unwell
kesel     unwell; out-of-sorts
kesh     draw (to); to pull <stem of keshidan>
kesh     pull (to); to draw <stem of keshidan>
kesh‚varz     farmer
kesh‚varzi     agriculture
keshidan     draw (to); to pull <infinitive>
keshidan     pull (to); to draw <infinitive>
keshish     priest
kesho     drawer
kesht     cultivating; tilling; sowing
kesht      sowing; cultivating; tilling
kesht     tilling; sowing; cultivating
keshti     ship
keshvar     country
kesi kasi   somebody; someone; a person
ket‚b     book
ket‚b foroshi ket‚b furushi   bookstore
ket‚b‚ro be-band-id     books:  close your books
ket‚b-d‚r     librarian
ket‚b-d‚r-i     library science; librarianship
ket‚b-e ali     book:  Aliís book
ket‚b-e do'‚     prayer book
ket‚b-e far‚nsavi     French book <book from France>
ket‚b-e far‚nse     French book <language>
ket‚b-e f‚rsi      book:  Persian book
ket‚b-e irani     book:  Iranian book
ket‚b-e khub     book:  good book
ket‚b-e r‚hnam‚     guidebook
ket‚bi     bookish <language>; formal
ket‚bi     formal; bookish <language>
ket‚b-kh‚ne ket‚b-khune    library
ket‚b-khune-ye d‚nesh-g‚h      university library
key     when
keyfiyyat     quality
keyk     cake
keyk furushi      cake shop
khab     rejected
khabar akhb‚r   news program; news
khabar akhb‚r   news; news program
khabar d‚dan     inform (to)
khabar nad‚ram az     news:  I have no news/information about
khabar-neg‚r     journalist; reporter
khabar-neg‚r      reporter; journalist
khabar-neg‚r-i     journalism
kh‚bidan     lie down (to); to sleep <infinitive>
khadmat sakhtamani     construction services
kh‚h     want (to); to wish <stem of kh‚stan>
kh‚h     wish (to); to want <stem of kh‚stan>
kh‚har kh‚her   sister
kh‚har zan     sister-in-law
kh‚-har-am mi-dun-e     knows:  my sister knows
kh‚hes     favor; request
kh‚kestari     gray
kh‚ki     khaki
kh‚le     aunt <mother's sister>
kh‚les     pure
kh‚li     empty; vacant
kh‚li     vacant; empty
kh‚li kardan     empty (to)
khalife em‚n   caliph
khalij     gulf
khalij-e f‚rs     Persian Gulf
kh‚loqli-e     cousin
kh‚m     raw
khamir dand‚n     toothpaste
kh‚mush     extinguished; silent
kh‚mush     silent; extinguished
kh‚mush kardan     extinguish; to turn off
kh‚mush shodan     extinguished; to be turned off
kh‚n      read (to) <stem of kh‚ndan>
kh‚n‚     legible; readable
khand     laught (to) <stem of khandidan>
khandam gereft     laugh:  I burst out laughing
kh‚ndan khundan   read (to); to sing; to study <infinitive>
kh‚ndan khundan   sing (to); to read; to study
khande     laugh
khanded‚r     funny
khandidan     laugh (to) <infinitive>
kh‚ne khune; manzel   house; home
kh‚ne khune; manzel   home; house
kh‚ned‚r khuned‚r   housekeeper
kh‚nev‚de kh‚nav‚de   family
kh‚nev‚degi     domestic; familial
kh‚nom kh‚num   Ms.; wife; lady, Mrs.
kh‚nom kh‚num   wife; Ms; lady; Mrs.
kh‚nom-e sharifi     Ms. Sharifi <formal>
kh‚num      madam; Ms.; Mrs.; wife; lady <colloquial>
kh‚num-e shir‚zi     Ms. Shirazi <colloquial>
kh‚r     itch (to) <vi> <stem of kh‚ridan>
kh‚r khar   thorn
khar‚b     broken; spoiled; ruined; rotten; out of order; faulty
khar‚b     rotten, broken; spoiled; ruined; out of order; faulty
khar‚b     ruined; rotten, broken; spoiled; out of order; faulty
khar‚b     spoiled; ruined; rotten, broken; out of order; faulty
khar‚b kardan     destroy (to)
khar‚b kardan     spoil (to) <transitive>
khar‚b shodan     spoil (to) <intransitive>
khar‚beh‚     ruins
khar‚m     walk:  to walk gracefully <stem of khar‚midan>
khar‚midan     walk:  to walk gracefully <infinitive>
kh‚r‚n     scratch (to) <vt> <stem of kh‚r‚ndan>
kh‚r‚ndan     scratch (to) <vt> <infinitive>
khar‚sh     scratch (to) <stem of khar‚shidan>
khar‚shidan     scratch (to) <infinitive>
kh‚rej     abroad
kh‚rej kardan     expel (to)
kh‚reji     foreign <adj.>; foreigner
kh‚reji     foreigner; foreign <adj.>
kh‚resh     itch
khargush     rabbit
kharid     shopping
kharid raftan     shopping:  to go shopping
kharidan     buy (to)
kharidan     buy (to)
kh‚ridan     itch (to) <vi> <infinitive>
kh‚st kh‚; kh‚h   want (to)
kh‚stan     ask (to) <for something>; to want; to wish <infinitive>
kh‚stan     want (to); to ask <for something>; to wish <infinitive>
kh‚stan     wish (to); to want; to ask <for something> <infinitive>
khaste     bored; tired
khaste     tired; bored
khaste kardan     tired:  to make tired
khaste konande     boring
khaste mi-shav-am khaste misham   tired:  I get tired
khaste shodan     tired; to become weary
khaste shodan     weary:  to become weary; tired
khat khatt   handwriting; line
khat khatt   line; handwriting
khatar     risk
khatarn‚k     dangerous
khat-e mahmud     handwriting:  Mahmudís handwriting
kh‚var mashreq; sharq   east
kh‚var-e mi‚ne     Middle East
kh‚vi‚r     caviar
khayy‚t     seamstress; tailor
khayy‚t     tailor; seamstress
khayy‚ti     dressmaking; tailoring
khayy‚ti     sewing; tailoring; dressmaking
khayy‚ti     tailoring; dressmaking; sewing
khayy‚ti kard khayy‚ti kon   sew (to); tailor; seamstress; cook
khayy‚ti kardan     seamstress:  to work as a seamstress; tailor; to sew
khayy‚ti kardan     tailor:  to work as a tailor; seamstress; to sew
khaz     crawl (to); to creep <stem of khazidan>
khaz     creep (to); to crawl <stem of khazidan>
khazidan     crawl (to); to creep <infinitive>
khazidan     creep (to); to crawl <infinitive>
khedm‚t     service <assistance>
khedmat kardan     serve (to)
khedmat-e sarb‚zi     military service
khej‚lat     embarrassment; shyness; shame
khej‚lat     shame; embarrassment; shyness
khej‚lat     shyness; shame; embarrassment
khej‚lat keshidan     embarrassed (to be); to be shy
khej‚lat keshidan     shy (to be); to be embarrassed
khej‚lat mi-kesh-am     embarrassed:  I am embarrassed; I am shy
khej‚lat zade     embarrassed
khej‚lati     shy
khend‚ri kadan     care:  to take care of a house
kheyli besi‚r; zi‚d   extremely; many; very much; very
kheyli besi‚r; zi‚d   many; very much; very; extremely
kheyli besi‚r; zi‚d   very much; very; extremely; many
kheyli besi‚r; zi‚d   very; extremely; many; very much
kheyli gerun     expensive:  too expensive
kheyli heyf-e     pity; really a shame
kheyli kam-e     very small
kheyli khub     very good
kheyli ziy‚d     many; too much
kheyli ziy‚d     much:  too much; many
khiab‚n khiabun   highway; street; road
khiab‚n khiabun   road; highway; street
khiab‚n khiabun   street; road; highway
khis     damp; wet
khis     wet; damp
khish khysh   plowshare
khiy‚b‚n     street
khiy‚l     fiction
khob     well <interjection>
khod     self; reflexive or emphatic pronoun
khod‚     God
khod‚ mi-dun-e     God knows; only God knows
khod‚-h‚fez khod‚fez   good-bye <pronounced khod‚fez>
khod‚-h‚fez-e kon-id     good-bye:  Say good-bye!
khod‚-h‚fez-e mi-kon-e     good-bye
khod‚-h‚fez-e ne-mi-kon-e      good-bye:  don't say good-bye/farewell
khod‚-h‚fez-e shom‚     good-bye:  say good-bye
khodd‚ri kardan     refuse
khodkar     ballpoint pen (lit: automatic)
khodkar-e ‚bi     pen:  blue pen
khodkh‚h     selfish
khodnevis     pen:  automatic fountain pen
khol‚se     brief:  in brief; in short
khor     drink (to); to eat <stem of khordan>
khor     eat (to); to drink <stem of khordan>
khord khurd   ate; drank <past stem>
khord khurd   drank; ate <past stem>
khord     small; tiny
khordan     drink (to); to eat; to encounter <infinitive>
khordan      eat (to); to drink; to encounter <infinitive>
khordan     encounter (to); to eat; to drink <infinitive>
khorde      particle; small amount; bit
khorde     small amount; bit; particle
khosh     good; happy; merry
khosh     happy; merry; good
khosh     merry; good; happy
khosh ‚madan ‚z     like (to)
khosh ‚madin     welcome
khosh gozar‚ni     luxury
khosh gozashtan     good:  to have a good time
khosh qiy‚fe     handsome
khosh sh‚ns     lucky
khosh vaqt shodam     pleased:  I am pleased to have met you
khoshakhl‚q      pleasant; agreeable; nice
khosham mi‚d     like:  I like it
khoshbakht‚ne     fortunately
khoshgel     beautiful; lovely
khoshh‚l     happy; pleased
khoshh‚l     pleased; happy
khoshh‚l mishavami khoshh‚l musham   gladly; I'll be happy to
khoshh‚l shodan     happy:  to be happy; to be pleased
khoshh‚l shodan     pleased:  to be pleased; to be happy
khoshh‚li     happiness; pleasure
khoshk     dry
khoshk kardan     dry (to) <e.g., clothes> <transitive>
khoshk shodan     dry:  to dry out; to dry up
khoshks‚li     draught
khoshmaze     savory; tasty
khoshmaze      tasty; savory
khoshvaqt       fortunate; pleased; glad; happy
khoshvaqt     glad; happy; fortunate; pleased
khoshvaqt     happy; fortunate; pleased; glad
khoshvaqt     pleased; glad; happy; fortunate
khub     good; well; nice
khub     nice; well; good
khub     well; nice; good
khub-am     good (I am)
khub-e     fine:  it is fine; it is good
khub-nist   correct:  not correct
khud-nevis   handwriting:  good handwriting
khuk   pig
khukche ye hendi   guinea pig
khun   blood
khun   read (to); study; sing <present stem>
khun   sing (to); to study; to read <present stem>
khun   study (to); to read; to sing <present stem>
khund dars khand; dars khund studied <past stem>
khundan khw‚ndan reading; studying; singing
khundan khw‚ndan singing; reading; studying
khundan khw‚ndan studying; singing; reading
khune   home (at)
khuned‚ri khunedari housekeeping
khune-ye parvin   house:  Parvinís house
khunrizi kardan   bleed (to)
khurd   change <coins>
khuruj   exit
khushe   bunch
khususi   private
khususi s‚zi   privatisation
khw‚b kh‚b asleep; sleep; dream <silent w>
khw‚b kh‚b dream; sleep; asleep <silent w>
khw‚b   sleep (to); to dream <stem of kh‚bidan> <silent "w">
khw‚b kh‚b sleep; asleep; dream <silent w>
khw‚b ‚lud   sleepy <silent "w">
khw‚b ‚madan kh‚b ‚madan sleepy:  to become sleepy <silent w>
khw‚b didan kh‚b didan dream (to) <silent "w">
khw‚b umadan khab umadan sleepy:  to become sleepy <silent w>
khw‚b-am mi‚d kh‚b-am mi‚d sleepy:  I am getting sleepy <silent w>
khw‚b-g‚h kh‚b-g‚h dormitory <silent w>
khw‚b-id kh‚b slept <past stem> <silent "w">
khw‚bidan kh‚bidan sleep (to); to lie down <infinitive> <silent "w">
khw‚bide kh‚bide asleep; sleeping; lying down <silent w>
khw‚har kh‚har sister <silent "w">
khw‚har kh‚nde   step-sister <silent "w">
khw‚har pedar kh‚har pedar aunt <silent w>
khw‚har showhat kh‚har showhat sister-in-law <husband's sister> <silent w>
khw‚har zan kh‚har zan sister-in-law <wife's sister> <silent w>
khw‚hesh kh‚hesh; kh‚esh request <silent w>
khw‚hesh kardan khwaesh request (to) of; to request from <silent w>
khw‚hesh mi-kon-am kh‚hesh mi-kon-am Please!; You're welcome!; Thank you! <taarof> <silent w>
khw‚hesh mi-kon-am kh‚hesh mi-kon-am welcome:  You're welcome!; Thank you!; Please! <taarof> <silent w>
khw‚hesh mi-kon-am kh‚hesh mi-kon-am Thank you!; Please!; You're welcome! <taarof> <silent w>
khw‚hesh mi-kon-am tekr‚r kon-id   please repeat it <silent "w">
khw‚hesh ne-mi-kon-e    please do not
khw‚nande   singer <silent "w">
khw‚nande-tar‚nesar‚   singer-songwriter
khw‚ndan kh‚ndan; khundan read (to); to study; to sing <silent w>
khw‚ndan kh‚ndan; khundan sing (to); to study; to read <silent w>
khw‚ndan kh‚ndan; khundan study (to); to sing; to read <silent w> <infinitive>
khw‚r   vile; base <silent w>
khw‚rob‚r furushi   delicatessen
khw‚stan kh‚stan request (to); want <silent w>
khwish   one's own <silent w>
khwor‚k khor‚k food <silent w>
khwosh ___ ‚madan khosh ‚madan like (to) <silent w>
khwosh ___ umadan khosh umadan like (to) <silent w>
ki ke who
ki-e kist Who is it?
kif   bag; purse; briefcase
kif   briefcase; purse; bag
kif   purse; briefcase; bag
kif dasti   handbag
kilogeram   kilogram
kilometr kilometre kilometer
kise khw‚b   sleeping bag <silent "w">
kist   cystitis
kod‚m kodum; kudum which one; which
kod‚m kodum; kudum which; which one
kohne    diaper; old; worn out; rag
kohne    old; worn out; rag; diaper
kohne    rag; diaper; old; worn out
kohne    worn out; rag; diaper; old
koj‚ koja where
koj‚i   origin:  of what origin; of what place; where from
koj‚i   place:  of what place; of what origin; where from
koj‚i   where from; of what place; of what origin
kok‚'in   cocaine
kol‚h madde diacritic mark
kol‚h kol‚ hat
kol‚h bard‚ri   rip-off
kol‚h-e imani   helmet
kolang   pickaxe
koliye   kidney
komak   aid; Help!
komak   Help!; aid
komak kardan   help (to)
komak kardan be   assist; aid; to help
komak kardan be   help (to); aid; assist
komedi   comedy
komod   cupboard
komonist   communist
kompot   stewed fruit; compote
kon   do (to) <stem of kardan>
konsert   concert
konsulgari   consulate
kontorol kardan   check (to)
kopon   coupon
kore ye zamin   Earth
korset   bra
korsi   see?
koshtan   kill (to)
kot   coat:  sport coat; suit coat; jacket
kot   coat: suit coat; jacket; sport coat
kot   jacket; suit coat; sport coat
kotob   books
kotorol az r‚h-e dur   remote control
kotshalv‚r     suit
kub     knock at (to); to pound <stem of kubidan>
kub     pound (to); to knock at <stem of kubidan>
kub-e     good:  it's fine; it's good
kubidan     knock at (to); to pound <infinitive>
kubidan     pound (to); to knock at <infinitive>
kuche     street:  narrow side street
kuchek kuchik   small; little; young
kuchek kuchik   young; little; small
kuchetar kuchitar   smaller; younger
kuchetar kuchitar   younger; smaller
kuchik kuchek   small; little; young
kuchik kuchek   young; small; little
kuchneshini     nomadism
kudakest‚n     kindergarten
kuftegi     bruise (a)
kuh     mountain
kuh navardi     mountaineering
kuhestan     mountainous region
kuhestani     mountainous
kuh-navardi     mountain climbing
kul-e poshti     backpack
kuler     air conditioner; fan
kuler     fan; air conditioner
kurs dars   course <academic>
kurs-e shimi     course in chemistry
kurs-e zab‚n     language course
kut‚h     short <length>
kut‚h kardan     shorten (to)
lab     lip
labaniyy‚t     dairy products
lab-e     ledge
labkhand tabassom   smile
labkhand zadan tabassom kardan   smile (to)
labor‚tu‚r     laboratory
lagad     kick
l‚ghar     thin <build>
laghv kardan     cancel (to)
lahje la'je   accent; dialect
lahje la'je    dialect; accent
lahje-ye bad      accent (bad)
laklak     stork
l‚mp     light bulb
lams kardan     touch (to)
lang     limp (to) <stem of langidan>
langarg‚h     harbour
langidan      limp (to) <infinitive>
l‚qar     thin
larz     shiver (to); to tremble <stem of larzidan>
larz     tremble (to); to shiver <stem of larzidan>
larz‚n     tremble: to cause to tremble <stem of larz‚ndan>
larz‚ndan     tremble: to cause to tremble <infinitive>
larzidan      shiver (to); to tremble <infinitive>
larzidan     tremble (to); to shiver <infinitive>
las-e     gum
l‚stik     tire <of car>
l‚ye ye ozon     ozone layer
l‚zem     necessary
l‚zem d‚shtan      need (to)
leb‚s     clothes; clothing
leb‚s     clothing; clothes
leb‚s furushi     clothing store
leb‚s pushidan     clothes:  to put on or wear clothes
leb‚s-e zir     underpants
lenz     lens
lenz-e tam‚si      contact lenses
lezzat bordan     enjoy (to) <oneself>
limu     lime
lis     lick (to) <stem of lisidan>
lis‚ns     B.A. degree; B.S. degree
lisidan     lick (to) <infinitive>
list-e ghaz‚      menu
liv‚n     glass <for drinking>
liz khordan     slide (to)
loqat v‚zhe; loq‚t   words; word
loqatname     dictionary; glossary
loqatname     glossary; dictionary
lotf     courtesy; kindness
lotf     kindness; courtesy
lotf dashtan lotf kardan    courteous:  to be kind or courteous
lotfan     please
lotfan konid     Please!


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