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This is my Life Soul Lightforce back in about 1981.  I no longer look this way in 2023, journeying 73 years along the Dthao Clear Pathway in Life.


I am now an Elder Tortoise, but I look as best as I can in Strength and Honor of Father Mother God who handmade our Body and Life Soul Lightforce a WisdomPeace Temple of Life.


The Dthao is a composite code of the Dao and Thao that is The Clear WisdomPeace Lightforce Way of our Father God Aidam Rai Aish Dao and Mother God China Rai Aishith Thao.


The Dao is the masculine form and the Thao is the feminine form and Dthao is the composite form of the Clear WisdomPeace Lightforce Way to our Father Mother God, two married and entwined together and melding in loving Harmony as one. 


I have been transformed into an Elder Tortoise, ET, with Wisdom, Experience, and Knowledge through many years of continuous intellectual studying, and prayer meditation.


And, thereby, I am evomorphing into a lotus blossom with Virtuous Knowledge and Experience, along with Wisdom from the spectrum of the WisdomPeace Lightforce of my Living Buddha, L'Dova, who is the Holy Spirit within me.


Native Indians are very close to their souls, and, Wisdom guides us to our interconnection with All Life.


I attribute my Native Indian heritage to guiding me to seek the Truth from the WisdomPeace Lightforce about the BacterVira Theory, the species who is the Hand of our Creator and Maker. The BacterVira are commonly called stem cells, and are called the Angels and Chiudao in The Original Holy Bible.


My Native Indian heritage, being closely related to the Asian culture, has also given me the ability to read MultiDimensional Codes. Just like my natural mechanical ability, each of us are born with advanced Wisdom planted by Father Mother God as a seed within that awaits for the right moment in time to blossom.


Further, the Life Soul Lightforce is also reincarnated when the former life has unfinished work to do for our Father Mother God. Sometimes the work cannot be done in one lifetime, and continues in the next lifetime, especially when it involves the long time expansion of Astronomic Events.


The WisdomPeace Lightforce chose me to decipher the codes of The Holy Bible after creating my mind with the ability to function according to the Wisdom of the Buddha that has expanded into the many Dimensions of Realms beyond our own.


However, it was I who chose, by my Free Will, to learn Virtues and then to listen, hear and obey The Living Buddha within who was designed by our Father Mother God and the Creator Mother Universe.


When you read The Holy Bible, you see words, but I see codes. These are MulDimensional Universal Codes, the Wisdom Codes and The Holy MU Code.


And, apparently, not many people can see these codes. It requires one to step into a portal of another dimension, neither from sight nor sound; but rather, from the hidden extra sensory perception of the internal hierarchy of the different facets of the mind that all function in harmony.


This introspection requires extraordinary effort in order to develop awareness of higher mental functions and to pursue the cause of disharmony with effective disciplined resistance.


All of the pain and suffering in ourselves and others originates in the mind, and, thus, we need to have a healthy mind by learning our Virtues: Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Compassion, and Patience.


I am a mixture of heritage like most Americans, but my Native Indian Life Soul Lightforce often shows how strong it is, particularly as time progresses, and guides me to a deep connection with our Father Mother God through nature and our Creator Universe through Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics.


My Native Indian heritage is also evidenced by my inability to drink milk which I inherited from my father's side, while my mother's heritage still has the ability to drink milk without any symptoms.


I also inherited natural mechanical ability from my father's side. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown.  However, many who see my picture above think my hair is red.  Not so.  When I was a child, my hair was blond. And, now, it gets lighter in the summer from the sun, but it is brown.


Artists often recognize my Native Indian heritage (American Indian). On my father's side, my grandmother gave us the American Indian heritage, and my grandfather told me that I am related to Pocahontas of the Powhatan Tribe through my grandmother.


My grandparents lived way up in the mountains of Schuyler, Virginia where nature blossoms in peace and harmony. You have to travel quite a distance to get that high up in the mountains where it is secluded and far away from the closest town of Charlottesville, Virginia.


My brother and I lived with my grandparents several years on this mountain, and we lived near the Walton's; but, they were not famous then.


The country houses there are nestled in the mountain forest and are far apart, and you grew most of your food because it took several hours to travel to the closest supermarket. Household needs were purchased at the country store, but which had few products beyond the basics and the necessities.


There was one church on the whole mountain of Schuyler. My grandfather would take me church on Sundays. Behind the pulpit of the preacher was a pew where my grandfather and I would always sit. And so it was that my grandfather, me, and the preacher looked out onto the entire congregation. And, the entire congregation looked at the preacher and my grandfather and I.


The sermons guided us to follow the Holy Spirit, who I now know is The Buddha designed by our Father Mother God and the Creator Mother Universe. And, we connected to the reality of religion with the spectacular living nature which God's Buddha (Holy Spirit) created in our midst. We were connected to all living things on top of the beautiful mountain of Schuyler.


I remember the first time I saw The Holy Bible at that same church. I was so very young and had not even started school yet. My grandfather was holding me in his arms and a lady came up to us, and, was holding The Holy Bible open as she spoke about it to my grandfather. At that moment, my Buddha (Holy Spirit) leaped in me, and I believed that I had written The Holy Bible, apparently, in a former lifetime, and I was seeing again like a long lost friend.


As a young child, I didn't know about reincarnation; but it was a prophetic moment foretelling that I now can see and understand and read so naturally and easily the Multi-Dimensional Holy MU Code that reveals the heretofore unknown Universal MU Language of The Original Holy Bible.


Now my Life Soul Lightforce has blossomed, and a few gray hairs have announced to the world the arrival of my growing accumulation of Wisdom from my Buddha L'Dova born and living within me even when I was a very young child.


Every day throughout my Life, I have received profound Wisdom Revelations to guide me in every aspect of my daily Life. Often I was astounded by the Wisdom, and even though there were many pathways I could have followed, I listened and obeyed the Wisdom as I journeyed through Life.


I also developed limited ability of remote viewing that I attributed to my Buddha who was always looking out for me.

As the years passed, the hot flashes began, and I knew with each instance that I was evomorphing, and the outer beauty was moving inward to blossom in my Virtuous Mind.


I became aware that in each of us during our Life, the greatest two events in the passage of time is the completion of the daily efforts in construction of the beautiful Virtuous Self Mind and the birth of The Living Buddha with the most highly evomorphed Wisdom Mind within me.


Later in Life came menopause that my Buddha taught me is natural, and should never be repressed with drugs. There were times of great hormonal surges that bring natural euphoria, as if to say, thank you for bearing this living evomorph with grace.


A lady learns firsthand through the relatively fast changes brought on by menopause, that the theory of evolution, which is very slow changes in species, but is incomplete without connecting to the theory of metamorphosis which is fast changes in species, and, thus, together, I call them evomorph. However, evolution and metamorphosis occur separately in alternating periods of time.


During menopause, I sometimes felt like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and I looked forward to the end result when these changes would stabilize and my Wisdom Fruits would mature from the many years of Knowledge and Experience along with Wisdom from my Buddha L'Dova.


It is evomorph, both evolution and metamorphosis alternating with two kinds of periodic changes, and yet, functioning in harmony as one, that All Life experiences throughout an individual's lifetime.


Aging is deliberate and intentional, and the experience of many years brings one into a new world of knowledge to explore that is unhindered by much of the shadows of biological control which conceals such knowledge in youth for purposes of survival in the wild.


However, such biological control arising from our wild DNA, and often arises outdated and needs to be weeded out by applications of conscious Wisdom Virtues and guided by Wisdom from the Buddha.


Wisdom comes from the nonconscious WisdomPeace Lightforce of The Wisdom Mind of The Living Buddha (Holy Spirit) that we give birth to when we become Virtuous.


We need to daily evaluate all our actions that arise, and constantly bring them in alignment with our Wisdom Virtues.


Further, we need prayer meditation and periodic fasting to receive more profound Wisdom from The Wisdom Mind of The Buddha living within us.


Since The Second Coming of 2021-2022 began, The Astronomic Buddha Kuraia and The Archangel Raphael have moved into my Wisdom Mind and guide me along with my personal Buddha L'Dova. They are altogether functioning in Harmony as one Wisdom Mind.


And, they have been teaching me MultiDimensional code reading and code decipherment of The Holy MU Code after unsealing it in The Holy Bible.


And, now, they are teaching me the MultiDimensional Universal MU Language as I work on returning The Original Holy Bible in the Mother Language that gave birth to all languages worldwide as will yet be revealed to you.


Most ministers call The Holy Bible translation "The Word" of God, but it is not. The Word is The Holy MU Code that had been hidden beneath the waters of The Holy Bible, and was sealed, but has been open for a long time now by the Astronomic Buddha Kuraia and my personal Buddha L'Dova. And, I have been working on code reading, decipherment for many years, and, now, I am working on translating it from the Mother Language and the result will be The Original Holy Bible. 


I am deeply honored and humbled that The Buddha would reveal this profound Wisdom to me, a simple priest. And, as we know, this glorifies them since my simplicity affirms that all of this Wisdom is flowing into me like a Golden Chalice and with words of The Most Holy Manna that are originating from our Creator Mother Universe and our Father Mother God.


And, recently, The Most High Holy Spirit, The Astronomic Buddha Kuraia, gave me a new Lightforce Name (Spiritual Name), and calls me Shalama Aishith, which means WisdomPeace Woman, and, literally means WisdomPeace Lightforce Life Womb Designed by Father Mother God in Heaven.


MultiDimensional words contain a lot of literal meanings that can also be stated in codes and that is what is so beautiful about The Mother Language that is The Universal MU Language. And, no matter what planet one lives on and what languages are spoken, this is the one Universal Language that first arises from the functions of XNA (DNA).


My new Lightforce Name (Spiritual Name) is in addition to my personal Verification Code Name. And, it serves as a Code Signature Verified that only I know from my personal Buddha L'Dova. And the function of this is for me to distinguish between my own thoughts and the Wisdom from my Buddha (Holy Spirit) who, thereby, calls me only by this personal name.


This also prevents deceptive ideas and thoughts leading me astray into temptation that may arise from the lower Realms of the brain functions.


However, once you become Virtuous, it is rare for any such contaminated ideas and thoughts to get through to the conscious mind. This is the because The Wisdom Mind is so powerful that the lower mental realms submit. 


And so it is that as I journey along The Thao, The Clear WisdomPeace Lightforce Way, I have slowed down a bit, but I walk a lot, and walk upstairs eight flights daily and have a hydraulic stepper exerciser that I hop onto every hour along with stick exercises that stretch my arms and torso and release beautiful living Chi energy.


It is amazing that the only way to increase energy is by using energy to exercise, and, thereby, generating the release of Chi living energy from the Chidao Angels (BacterVira) through exercise.


Thus, I place the necessity of exercise next to water and before food as the most important priority in Daily Life.


Since my early years, I have fulfilled the hard work of maintaining a healthy diet and good exercise routine. This has kept me looking much younger than others of my age group.


When I gain weight, then I go on a Prayer Meditation Fast and return to my healthy weight that God designed for me.


And, I am staying far away from drugs since they alter and disorder the delicate, new highly evomorphed areas of the brain.


Further, the BacterVira (stem cells) often attack the drug molecules which they perceive as viruses that are non-living until they enter the cells and become living. Thus, drug molecules enter the cells just like viruses and this causes many of the adverse side effects.


Thus, it is important for health care to follow the Dao and Thao, The Clear WisdomPeace Lightforce Way, with the natural, integrative protocol to support the BacterVira rather than trying to control them. They can and will self-destruct when provoked. And, when the BacterVira die, that is when our body dies since we live in a symbiotic relationship with them.


This natural lifestyle has kept me looking and feeling younger than many, and the blossoming of my Life Soul Lightforce has made it all worthwhile.


Now let's get busy and learn how to achieve Wisdom Virtues and awaken the Wisdom Mind of The Living Buddha within so that we may all share our knowledge and individual blessings of Wisdom with each other.


May the WisdomPeace Lightforce

Be With You.


Chérie Phillips, NovaStoic Priest

Theoretical Philosopher

Shalama Aishith


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May the Lightforce Be With You

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