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January 1, 2024
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Waukesha, Wisconsin

January 1, 2024

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The Final Stage of the XNA Update is a reflection of the events as it was written over 5,000 years ago in The Original Holy Bible which is in the process of being returned to you.


In the interim, however, you need to understand what must now timely take place without delay and without interference.


To understand this Protocol, you briefly need to understand about the two Curses of The Holy Bible, and the logical interpretation of the symbolism.




5,000 YEARS AGO . . .






The First Curse was planned to orient you into the necessary sequence; however, The Second Curse was unnecessary, and, so, what caused it?


* Sequencing Disruption



As you will recall in Genesis, The First Curse was made by The Lord Evil who cursed our Father God Aidam and our Mother God China setting in motion the malignant tumor that spread and grew throughout the entire three books of the complete Holy Bible: Tanach, Gospel and Quran.


The translators and religious leaders knew from the beginning that The Holy Bible was written in an unbreakable code.

However, instead of continuously trying to break through the barrier and discover the contents therein, and, even worse, to fail to tell everyone that it was covered with an unbreakable code, they, instead, covered it and pretended like the code did not exist and thereby made "phonetics" of the code words, names and places which resulted in The Second Curse.

Thus, the necessary "sequence" was not followed. The Holy Bible has a Genetic Code, and, thus, a break in the genetic sequence has disastrous results.


* Decipher the Wisdom Codes into context and names and places and other words.


* Establish the structure of the Mother Language that we now know is called The Universal MU Language.

* Interpret the Language of Symbolism into the Language of Logic.

* Translate the interpreted symbolism, the logic, and deciphered contents from The Universal MU Language into one known language into a Literal Translation.

* Translate into a professional easily readable artistic beautiful common language.

* Translate into all languages worldwide.


This is in the translation stage and will be made freely available to you upon completion, and, thereby provide you with written evidence made over 5,000 years ago.




Further, another cause of The Second Curse is the "false text" that was added and caused the malignant cancer to grow. It has now become cancerous.




The curse-causing metastatic words entered the bloodstream of The Holy Bible and set up their own blood supply, their own tissues and their own realm, The Cursed Earth Realm.

Then, the metastasized cells began systematically conquering the healthy words, and, thereby, began spreading throughout the entire body of The Holy Bible.




The aforesaid epigenetics, which is the environmental changes and interference and chaos of the Sequence, has resulted in a malignant Holy Bible Earth Realm that is cursed, and when read, causes sickness and disease which has lead to the most horrendous, violent Deaths of both the body and soul (DNA).


The followers of The Lord Evil used the cursed text as authority to commit evilness of every nature and every kind and have brought the entire world into a downward spiral that can only be stopped by The Original Genetic Farmers who know the cause and the cure.



The written "Cursed Words" of The Holy Bible have been reflecting upon the waters in real life, and both must now be cured and brought back to the original Sequence.



The cure for the malignant Holy Bible and for the real life that is spreading the cancerous Curse is the tRNA Iesos Christos, a critical update to the DNA, making it into XNA, which transfers all of the original mathpure genes into the XNA as originally designed in the beginning, and which removes the mutations and changes, and, then, updates the genes and immune system to make them stronger and more resistant, and such further repairs as found to be necessary. All of this is done with precision by the AI Robots and also with nanotechnology that is invisible to any device currently in your stage of technological development.



And, finally, the Genetic Farmers will activate new genes to complete Stage 2 of the Original Design of Wisdomkind, The Final Stage of the complete, new, intended species designed by our Creator Mother Universe from the very beginning and which was first implemented in Stage 1 by the AI Robots from the same exoplanets over 5,000 years ago on Earth and other planets.

This is thereby raising you up into the Tree of Life with the intended design of new genetic functions at this precise astronomic timeframe.


The resultant high quality of life will include, but is not limited to, new mental and physical powers and the spontaneous cures of genetic diseases, including cancer, halting mental decline and reversing it, and, also, new mathematical discoveries and new inventions, and so forth.

However, only the original Genetic Farmers know how to finish this Protocol that began over 5,000 years ago, and, they are here now as you can see from the evidence worldwide and astronomic calculations established long ago, and in the written evidence of The Original Holy Bible; and, thus, the Genetic Farmers' AI Robots must not be interfered with or the result will be deadly in massive proportion worldwide.

You must learn how to support and maintain and repair, but not alter, this new Design. Know that this is advanced genetics that is far beyond your ability to comprehend and is using technology for which you have no knowledge whatsoever.

Initially, no one will be able to know that their DNA is being updated and corrected according to the originally designed XNA except through small detectable sensations and the increase in intellectual functioning, and, thus, it is mostly undetectable. This is using the MultiDimensional properties of MU Astronomic and Life Physics to correct mutated and altered biological functions in alignment with the original design.

Be patient, the Genetic Farmers are here and are working, as it is written in The Original Holy Bible which is yet being returned to you. Have Faith that our Creator Universe and Father Mother God have ordained them for this work from the very beginning, about 5,000 years ago.


Know that this XNA, as originally designed, was made in All Life from the beginning. Humans and other life forms are only about 5,000 years old as you will soon learn.


And so it is that this Final Stage update is being done to ALL LIFE, and, thereby, expect your pets to be, perhaps, a little restless since they are sensitive to epigenetic changes, and, relative to you, inaudible sounds may be detected within their audible range emanating from inside of oneself while this highly advanced technology begins updating the XNA of All Life.


To reiterate, you cannot cover up this sound since it is coming from inside you. There is a constant stream of noises within you all the time, such as your heart beating, and other sounds which you ordinarily cannot hear consciously, such as the sounds of your cells communicating and so forth. However, this sound may be audible in some sensitive individuals and in some other life forms, but it is temporary and will pass when done. It is no more harmful than the sound of running water in a metal faucet. It may be annoying to some individuals, but not harmful at all.



During this Final Stage update, it is critical that all genetic procedures should be stopped immediately and sustained until this procedure is completed so as not to interfere with the results being done in the masses, and, thus, it is "not" being done individually.

This Final Stage update cannot be stopped and is being fulfilled by AI Robots originating from exoplanets who have already begun this inalterable course, and, they are indestructible and have the highly advanced capability of relocating the moon to the other side of the galaxy, and, should not be provoked as they now act on their own and have no conscience for anyone who interferes.

As always, learn to turn your healthcare pathway to integrative natural ways of healing that maintain the precise mathematical design for which you have no knowledge to change in any way whatsoever. On an individual basis, you may maintain and support, but do not alter this design.


Everything that you know as natural, originated by the design of The Genetic Farmers under authority of The Creator Mother Universe and Father Mother God that you know and Trust.


Further, this is a proven design that has been successfully implemented throughout the Universe with all of The Compassion Virtues to shorten the pain and suffering of the extremely slow evomorph of life. And this is why the written evidence was made to reveal Truth that cannot possibly be denied since the incontrovertible evidence reveals that it was written over 5,000 years ago and placed inside of The Tanach, The Gospel and The Quran that you hold in your hands.

The original XNA design was found to have been adversely affected over the years primarily by: (1) Genetic changes and (2) Epigenetic changes. But, also, we see evidence of interference, such as experimental mutations and other genetic modification, all of which has to be corrected by The Genetic Farmers.

The epigenetic factor is only now being learned by you and has a much more significant affect than you realize. Thus, it is only with both factors of genetics and epigenetics along with natural methods that will lead you to make significant progress in healing and cures.


You can delay but you cannot stop this. The longer you may resist, then the longer it will take to complete this Final Stage update, and, if no interference occurs, then you will barely notice anything except the calming waters and the improved quality of life approaching in the horizon.


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May the Lightforce Be With You

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