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March 29, 2010.  Tucson, AZ.  There has been heavy spraying of pesticides in an all-out attack against mosquitoes in Tucson, but the mosquitoes refuse to take it lying down.  They have armed themselves with giant zombie warriors who follow the carbon dioxide trail and seek out human flesh and blood with a vengeance.  I am calling them (unofficially) Giant Zombie Mosquitoes.


They know who you are, and they know where you live!


My mother and I walked to the grocery store as usual.  But, yesterday evening was different. As we stepped on the ground, behind us, in front of us, and above us, were huge giant warrior mosquitoes.


In the desert, there are few places to drink water and, from the perspective of the mosquito, human blood is the life-giving cocktail of both water and food.


We had no choice but to go through them to get our groceries.  Those who ride in cars have little knowledge as to what is lurking on the ground and growing in leaps and bounds.


I had never seen mosquitoes this large before, and in such a huge population.


Finally, we made it to the safety of the supermarket, and the doors slammed shut.


But, on our way home, it was getting dark, and the mosquitoes had gathered together even a stronger E-Force, and were all over us.  I looked at my mom's long pants that covered her legs, and the mosquitoes were swarming, and, I realized after several blocks away, that they were following us home.


They know where we live, and they began a stake out.  This reminded me of those zombie movies where they wait for you to come out and then they . . .


In the morning, I grabbed my camera, and took a photo of one of them who was sitting on the bedroom screen, peering in and watching so that she could signal the warriors to advance and gain entrance when she saw us headed toward the front door.



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Notice the two sacks jutting out from the thorax of the mosquito body. Apparently, they fill these things up when they drink your blood.  This one is very hungry and her sacks appear to be small and empty.


Their leg span is gigantic, and, they look like granddaddy long-leg spiders when flying. Their long thin, and, lightweight legs make it less apparent when they land on your skin, behind your back, and bend down and drink your blood. During that feast, if they are sick, they infect you with their disease, whether it is the West Nile Virus, the Flu or whatever.


Mosquitoes want you!


You are the most desired thing on earth to them.  Without you, they could not live, but there is no symbiosis by conscious will going on here. We are forced to feed them, just like cows are forced to feed us. Therefore, symbiosis is "not" always mutually beneficial.


It is interesting that the mosquito population has become this massive in response to the increased exposure of their ancestors to pesticides.  The mosquito Bactervira found a way to survive. Their answer is a larger, more pesticide resistant structure, along with an increased population to spread around and assure that some will survive.


Therefore, the equation is:
larger pesticide spraying = larger more resistant species + larger population.




The real answer is in using a solution of Wisdom instead of pesticides.  Every species has a predator.  Who is their predator? Perhaps we could fight bad nature with good nature.  Let's research this.





May the Lightforce Be With You

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