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Dr. Randy Pausch

If you were going to give your last lecture, what would say?


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Carnegie Mellon University

(last lecture before dying of pancreatic cancer)



"If I could only tell you only one important thing, I would say . . . ."

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If you were going to give your last lecture, what would say?


Most certainly, your words would be carefully chosen, and, being close to returning to your Creator, you would want to keep alive in all the minds the most important Wisdom that you had received during your journey on planet Earth.


He gave us this great opportunity to hear those things that were the most important to him and preserved it in the lecture that you are about read in his own words.


What is most fascinating is that out of all the things he experienced and learned and all the Wisdom he received, the one thing that he concluded was the most important . . . well, let's first introduce him.


While dying of pancreatic cancer, Dr. Randy Pausch gave his Last Lecture as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the presence of his loving wife and an auditorium filled with students and staff whose lives had been redirected and focused by his inspiration and profound life-changing lectures.


Randy challenged the foundation of our thinking and priority of goals in life, and, explained that few people actually fulfill their dreams.  Somewhere along the way they are distracted, never to return, and never to achieve their destiny. Randy Pausch guided us back onto the WisdomPeace Way with the profound statement:


"If I could only tell you only one important thing, I would say:

Tell the truth!


And, if I could tell you one more important thing, I would say:

All the time!"


Students flocked to his lectures, and he would even walk into his classroom and find it filled to capacity beyond his registered students as every available seat and standing room spot was taken by parents and guest students who wanted to hear his fascinating lectures.


Randy advises us with the Wisdom that problems are expected with important achievements, and, we should remain calm when things get tough. That is just a way of finding out if you "really" want it, and it is a way of eliminating those who don't. He further awakened us with the bold realization that all important things are challenging. In fact, that's why they are important.


If it's not challenging, it's not important!

Students shared their feelings:

"My life is totally changed after hearing his Last Lecture."

"I painted my room in designs that make me feel happy."

"I am staying on course to fulfill my dreams no matter what!"


Randy Pausch entered Heaven in 2008.


May the Wisdom Force keep your memes alive forever, Randy.


Dying of pancreatic cancer, Randy Pausch recorded his Last Lecture before his compassionate wife and students and staff and faithful fans, and, dedicated it to his children to view when they were old enough to understand, and, it was such an impact on everyone that it was transcribed to share with you:

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Carnegie Mellon University

"Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"

While his wife takes a photo,

Randy Pausch lovingly holds their children.






May the Lightforce Be With You

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